How do you view the value of love with regards to your characters?

It is of course what all of them are looking for, it is what they want and need, as we all do. But it is more complex than just finding it and receiving it, it is about whether you can accept it. Either because it seems impure or compromised from this person or you feel not deserving of it yourself. The emotion has a huge value to them but it does not mean that it can solve everything for them. It is not just love that they crave; it is security, safety, and validation of their own worth. They need to feel that they have a greater responsibility than just themselves, while also having their own needs met. It is a very hard balance to achieve.






Everyone seems to have a way of blocking and forgetting their own isolation, thus perhaps exacerbating their problem either through drug use, or in the case of the Gail character, romantic fiction. In the end can you tell us where we find the hope; is there a way out for these people?

It’s true that they all have their own coping mechanisms, either through drugs, relationships or escapist fiction, and its true that each of these solutions may actually compound their problems. However, it also allows them to survive. There is hope as long as they continue to do that. As for there being a way out, there isn’t one, there are no simple answers, but they still have their choices. Two of the characters in a very literal sense choose to move forward, namely GAIL & DAVID. While the others I believe all get what they want or have the potential to create what they want. I believe the film is optimistic and offers hope and I choose not to do that in a false, untruthful way. It would be unfair at the end to solve everything. That would be a lie. The film ends by offering choice to the characters, they still have their decisions to make. There is light, that is definitely offered, but it is not up to me to take their stories any further.