ROB | Liam McLlfatrick

Born in Cheltenham, 1983. In his youth Liam was a promising jockey and rode for various stables across the Cotswolds. Liam became addicted to heroin in his early teens and was expelled from school aged 14, and subsequently taken into care. Having overcome his addiction by the time of the shoot, Liam was able to bring the intensity of is own lived experience to the role of Rob in Better Things. Tragically, Liam died of double pneumonia in Autumn 2008.








DAVID | Che Corr

Born in Worcester, 1981. Che was looked after by several different family members as he grew up. He was spotted by Duane Hopkins as he argued with his girlfriend Tara, who would also be cast in Better Things, in a supermarket. Che and Tara had both recently kicked heroin and were in the process of ending their relationship, having decided this was necessary to confront their mutual dependency.